Smoked Eggplant with Rack of Lamb

Chef:Willmer Colmenares

How to cook:

Step 1
1.Score the lamb skin and pan-fry it with the skin on. Use low heat with no oil to melt all the fat. Cook the lamb until it is crispy.
Step 2
2.Burn the eggplant with a torch until the skin turns black and wrinkles. Then let it rest to cool down.
Step 3
3.Peel the black skin off and dice the eggplant.
Step 4
4.Spread the mixed seasonings on the seared lamb and put it into the oven at 180 degrees for 8 minutes.
Step 5
5.Mix the diced eggplant with sesame, olive oil, salt, pepper, chilies, red onions, orange and mint leaves. Heat it up.
Step 6
6.Plate it with the eggplant as the base and put the sliced lamb on it. Place some fresh salad on top to finish.


Lamb 1pc
Aubergine 1pc
Mint Leaves 10g
Orange 1pc
Coriander 20g
Garlic 5g
Olive Oil 10ml
Sesame 5g
Cayenne Pepper Powder 3g
Cumin Powder 5g
Cinnamon Powder 10g
Ginger Powder 5g
Paprika 3g
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