You are the Chef Air Time:Mon to Fri 18:30

You Are the Chef, a fashionable service program with lots of fresh ideas, was launched on 7th July 2002 and now it’s ICS’ pride taking cooking show. Famous chefs in Shanghai get together to introduce gourmet food from around the world.

Eggplant Tortelli, Parmigiano fondue Air Time:2016-02-02
Chitarrine Lobster Air Time:2016-02-01
Smoked Eggplant with Rack of Lamb Air Time:2016-01-29
Pan Seared Tajima Rib Eye Steak Air Time:2016-01-28
Smoked Chicken Orichiette Pasta Air Time:2016-01-27
Lightly Smoked Scallops Air Time:2016-01-26