Have you heard the success stories of the post-90s generation?Do you know Yu Jiawen, whose company received its third round of venture capital recently and Ma Jiajia who built her career in very unique way? The young generation is now playing a leading role. However, some parents are unhappy about the idea of their children taking university breaks to run businesses. They don’t understand why universities are pushing their children out into society. They worry that students may go astray outside school for a lack of supervision. And in parents’ eyes, college students are mostly immature, economically dependent and unable to afford failure. One of our guests thinks that starting a business is pretty demanding, and requires foundations like money and connections. Besides that, the policy may send the wrong signal, that running a business is easy, and thus lead to irrational herd behaviour among students The opposite side thinks this policy won’t necessarily lead to herd behaviour. Starting a business requires guts and willpower that only a few people have. And lots of students still want to focus on their academics. This time, we have Panpeng, a college drop-out who runs an internet company in Shanghai, in our studio. Is taking breaks to run business a remedy that relieves employment pressure and offers more opportunities, or a poison that causes chaos and leads to irrational behaviour? How should universities help students to set up their businesses? What can we learn from other countries?
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